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Responses to Newsweek

December 23rd, Kurt Eichenwald wrote a 7,500+ piece for Newsweek Magazine repeating the same, tired “factoids” about Christian history, textual tradition and transmission processes, repeating the typical ignorance on the subject matter.

There was a sort of flurry on Twitter. My response was pretty simple, if maybe a little sarcastic (here, here, here, and here) and there was kind of a strange if telling exchange between Echenwald and James White. The whole day lead Eichenwald to respond,

Well, whatever the situation on Twitter, there have been responses since then. several, actually. Thoughtful Christian scholars and leaders and have written thorough and documented responses:

  • James White did two webcast responses (here and here)
  • Michael Kruger wrote two blog responses (here and here) that started a conversation in the comments here.
  • Daniel Wallace wrote a blog response (here)
  • Al Mohler wrote a blog response (here)

You can enjoy those responses (caution: it’s a lot of material, but it’s worth it).