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I've been framed!

As of last night, we officially finished the ’09-’10 worldview class! It’s an odd mix of emotions that follows such an accomplishment. I really enjoyed working with the 19 students who bravely traversed this year’s syllabus. As a Thank You gift, they gave me a frame of some of the randomly selected quotes from this year’s lectures:

They assured me that I said everything on the page. I assure you that they’re all taken out of context. Not that it matters.

I was sitting with my over-qualified teaching assistant and figured out that in the last 9 months, we had 36 class periods housing 72 hours of class time, 36 memory quizzes covering the entire book of Ephesians, 171 submitted essays, 171 submitted tests (including the 24 page comprehensive final) and a series of unforgettable memories. Meeting with these students every week was one of the highlights of my year. I’m really going to miss them.