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Announcing the 2011-2012 Worldview Class!

As of Friday, it’s official: The 2011-2012 Worldview Class is open to registration!

You can see the announcement at WorldviewClass.org (click here).

Over the past four years, we’ve worked hard to make this class an invaluable context for students to learn about the Big Ideas of our time.

Watching a student see, experience, argue for and against concepts like ex nahilo creation, dialectical materialism, metaphysical monism etc is a thrill that never gets old. I’m excited to launch out into year five and experience the adventure with a whole new class of students.

A few highlights about what we have planned:

  • A shorter class calendar. After trying the 36-week calendar, I’ve decided to make the tough decision and cut the whole thing back to 30 weeks. It was painful to cut 12 hours of class time out of the syllabus, but this will allow us to start mid-September and end mid-May.
  • We’re keeping everything. Even with the shorter schedule, the core assignments are staying. That means we’re going through the whole Understanding the Times curriculum: 11 tests, 11 essays, 581 pages of reading and over 24 hours of video. And we’re keeping the WV Class distinctive, too. That’s 60 hours of in-class discussion and lecture, our private, teacher-moderated online forum, 226 Bible reading assignments, and a whole pile of extra credit options. Not bad for 30 weeks.
  • Affordability. Increased expenses have forced a $50 increase in tuition.  That’s an extra $25 per semester, but we’re keeping all the discount and scholarship options. If you want to take this class, I want you to take this class and I don’t want finances to be the deal-breaker. We’ll do whatever it takes to make this class financially possible.
  • The Leadership Training Course. Today, I’m officially announcing the inaugural year of our second year program: the Leadership Training Course.  Every year I get requests for a follow up to the Worldview Class. It’s taken a few years to design one that actually met a need but after about 2 years of planning, I am pumped to try this out with a select group of alumni students. You can learn more here. (If you’ve taken the Worldview Class before, check your e-mail. There’s a poorly formatted e-mail invitation waiting for you.)

To celebrate the up-coming year, I’m dedicating this weeks worth of blog posts to all things Worldview, so stick around!

This is going to be a great class. Sign up, tell your friends, bring your friends and post a smiley in the comment section –just for kicks. :-)

Happy Monday!