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Worldview Registration is Open!

It’s been a long wait, but we were finally able to open up registration for this year’s worldview class! I’m really pumped about this up-coming syllabus. We’re completely revamping the Bible study portion (no more Ephesians quizzes!) and we’re reworking the essay requirements so student’s get more experience with college-level formatting. We’ve also opened up a second class section on Wednesday afternoon. That will give families more options when scheduling their school year.

Many of you, dear readers, have mentioned that you’d like to take the class. Please, please do so. I would love to work with you this year.

And allow me to strongly encourage you to register early. The sooner the better.

Another exciting bit of news is that the class website underwent a serious remodel. Check it out: http://worldviewclass.org

A very special thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me and praying for for me and this class. You are such a blessing.