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Unicode Sigla for the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Nobody is going to be surprised that text criticism is my favorite subject in the world. As we’ve been doing exegesis on the Hebrew text, I’ve found it pretty difficult to identify Hebrew Bible manuscripts with their Unicode BHS sigla. After searching around the internet for far too long, I’ve decided we need a more accessible list.

So, dear paper writers, here you go, the BHS sigal with Unicode and HTML codes for your copy/paste convenience. Sources are included below the table. Drop me a note and let me know how you’re using it. Happy writing!

Samaritan PentateuchU+214F
𝔘Arabic VersionU+1D518𝔘
𝔅Bomberg Edition (ben HayyimU+1D505 𝔅
Cairo GenizaU+212D
𝔏Old Latin (Italia)U+1D50F 𝔏
𝔐Masoretic TextU+1D510 𝔐
𝔔Qumran manuscriptsU+1D514 𝔔
𝔗TargumimU+1D517 𝔗
𝔙Latin VulgateU+1D519 𝔙

I’m following a shorter version of Brotzman’s (pp. 104-105) shorter BHL list (pp. XLVII-LI). Thanks to ETC and especially to Andrew Edmondson for the link to the SBL Apparatus site