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This Book Isn't Interesting For Students

By the way adults talk and act, the assumption, it seems, is that this Book is not interesting for students. Too boring. Too complicated. Too academic. Too hard to read.

I suppose that may be true. After all, students these days don’t have the attention span for kings and warriors. Epic battles borne out of epic betrayals. Mystical cults and power struggles between their priests. The gods themselves, even fight through the swords of their most zealous worshipers. One time, a tribe approached the territory of a long-standing kingdom, so the kingdom contracted their god to destroy the approaching tribe…

Oh sorry, I get a little excited about this stuff. But I know students aren’t interested in that sort of thing. They’re too busy playing video games about epic battles, watching super hero movies about epic betrayals, and reading YA fiction about mystical cults. But I know as well as all the adults that most young young people aren’t interested in this Book.

Well, that’s what I’ve been told anyway.