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On this day in America

A lot of really interesting, yet totally unrelated news items came across the wire yesterday and today.

Firstly, Facebook is celebrating it’s 250 millionth user. If I did that math correctly, that means over 4% of the earth’s population has a facebook account. That’s not bad considering Google can only claim a mere 127.6 million If you’re wondering, Twitter boasts 4.5 million users, but last month, Jacqui Cheng points out that only half of them use their accounts. (You can read the original report for yourself here)

By the way, don’t let anyone talk you out of a Facebook or Twitter. According to Douglas Estes, having a social networking account is “Calvin Approved”:

John Calvin: Why He Would Have Embraced Social-Networking
(and Why We Should, too)

Speaking of Calvin, another history making event is John Calvin’s 500th birthday. The next Desiring God conference is making him the theme. This week’s interviews ask the question, “What is one thing you’d change about Calvin?

In related news, Pew Research is still trying to tell us why we care so much about Micheal Jackson.

In science news, we’re celebrating the lunar landing. The Big Picture is hosting some really great photos.

Congress and the president took a small beating in the polls. It’s nothing to write home about, but the trend doesn’t seem to be headed in their favor.

It might have something to do with our impossible, down-trodden economy. The suffering masses exhibited the hard times by forking over $22.2 million –in one night– on the latest Harry Potter installment. The LA Times is wagering it will break the $200.1 million record from the last Potter flick. Don’t worry America, our trials will soon be over.