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Missing BBG vocab card [SOLVED!]

Mounce’s vocabulary flash cards seems to be missing a vocab word. I was putting together the vocab for GTM chapters 4 & 5; but I had to finish chapter 3. This brought me to the word ἀγορά. According to Trenchard and the Mounce CD-ROM database, this word is used 11 times in the new testament (personally, I think it’s bizarre that a first-year Greek primer would include such a scarce word, but I digress).

So I flipped through the Mounce flashcards to the 11x words and, well, it’s not there. I’m quite confident it should be in the 11x pile because the CD-ROM lists it as 11x. But the words in sequence are as follows:

# Vocab (usage)
979 ψεύδομαι (12x)
980 ἀγλλιάω (11x)
981 ἀπαρνέομαι (11x)
982 ἐλευθερία (11x)
983 ἔπαινος (11x)
984 ἐπαισχύνομαι (11x)
985 ζηλόω (11x)
986 θανατόω (11x)
987 καταβολή (11x)
988 καύχημα (11x)
989 καύχησις (11x)
990 κλῆσις (11x)
991 πραΰτης (11x)
992 σπλάγχνα (11x)
993 σκίζω (11x)
994 ἁγιασμός (10x)

So, there’s no break in the card sequence (#), but the entire 11x section of the cards don’t include ἀγορα. As I go through these chapters, it might turn up, but either way, I see only one of two solutions. Either (1) there is, in fact, a missing vocab card, or (2) the vocab card has the wrong usage assigned to it.


It turns out that there are 77 words that fall into the 11x category –that’s 63 more than what was listed above. So, apparently, ἀγορά didn’t make the cut. While that’s a great mystery solved, it further draws attention to the fact that ἀγορά is vocab word for chapter 3. Maybe that’s the real mystery.