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Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

A lot of people don’t know in the late 1970s, a conference of evangelical leaders sat down and pounded out a set of articles defining Biblical inerrancy called called the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. This clearly and simply outlines the basic tenants of an evangelical, Christian understanding of the doctrine of inerrancy.

If you own Grudem’s Systematic Theology, then you can look it up in Appendix 1: Historic Confessions of Faith (pages 1203-1207)

If you own General Introduction to the Bible then you can look it up on pages 180-185.

You can also read it online here.

Back in 1980, R.C. Sproul wrote a commentary on the statement called Explaining Inerrancy: A Commentary

This was later updated to, “Can I Trust the Bible?” and was included in his “Crucial Questions” series. You can see a sample and purchase it (for less than $6!) here.