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You First

I saw this AP headline and it cracked me up,

Administration calls for financial system overhaul

But wasn’t nearly as ironic as the first paragraph,

WASHINGTON (AP) — Aiming for greater limits and more clarity in the nation’s financial system, the Obama administration on Monday proposed adding muscle to the Federal Reserve and new restrictions on complex securities whose collapse choked lending and hit millions of American households.

The United States Government is going to tell the financial industry that they’re to complex? Really? I’m in the under-25 years old bracket earning under $20,000 a year and a full time college student. My tax guy had to prepare no less than 14 separate forms, schedules and vouchers.

Nevertheless the government is looking out for the little guy by telling the financial industry that they need to clean up their act. Maybe the administration should work with Congress and the IRS to simply the tax code instead.

Oh Physician, heal thyself.