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Sermon: Finished!

After hours of study and preparation, I preached on “Spirit and Truth in Worship” yesterday. It was an incredibly difficult sermon to put together, mostly because I knew how much I needed to practice what I was preaching. But in the end, I was satisfied with the result.

This was one of those sermons that preached itself. When God really wants to communicate something important to a congregation, the best the preacher can do is study his brains out, pray his heart out, get up behind the pulpit and get out of the way of the message. That’s what happened on Sunday –thank You, Lord.

I’ve received a lot compliments. I’m not feigning humility, but it’s hard to receive a compliment when it feels so unearned.

One of these days, I’ll write a post on how to support your local preacher/pastor. Very few people know what “meaningful feedback” is in this context. Until then, let me say that my hat is off to anyone who prepares a sermon on a weekly basis. I don’t know how you guys do it.

Tomorrow, I meet with the elders and a few other men from the church for a review. That can be very encouraging and very humbling –usually both.

If you care, you can download the audio from the church’s website here.