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Multigenerational Vision Sermon

As I was preparing for finals, I was asked to preach the New Year’s Sunday sermon –specifically addressing the subject of multigenerational vision. Having grown up in a family integrated church, this was (and is) a subject that I love.

So the sermon was 11 Applications for a Multi-Generational Vision for the Year 2011 and Beyond. I’ve received a couple requests for the audio of this sermon. You can listen to by clicking here.

God was incredibly merciful doing the preparation and presentation of this sermon. There are times when it feels more like a sermon is preached through you than by you and this was one of those times.

But and during the presentation I completely forgot to numerate the applications points, which makes the second half kind of confusing. So here they are:

1. To Children: Figure out who you want to be like in this room and watch them carefully. See how they imitate Jesus and then do the same.

2. To My Bored/Lazy Peers: Serve

3. To My Dying Peers: Calm Down

4. To Parents: Delegation is not abdication if you form a partnership.

5. To Parents: Explain your convictions with your story

6. To Grandparents:

-Every generation needs to understand the stories of their forbearers

-We may have heard it five hundred times, but when was the last time we listened to it?

-Find the principle of the stories.

-Every generation needs to share their stories with their progeny.

-(To Grandparents) Tell Us Your Stories, and explain the principle.

7. To My Elders and Deacons, servants of the church: Thank You.

8. To My Church Family: Let’s find creative ways to express our passion for every season of life.

9. To My Church Family: Let’s have a God-sized vision of family-centered ministry.

10. To my Church Family: Let’s understand the meaning and application of age segregation and age integration (Strong, Weak, Passive, Active)

11. The purpose is to propagate the ministry of Jesus the Christ.