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Finding What They Weren't Looking For?

One of the things the computer does for me is it tracks key words or phrases that people use to find my humble corner of the internet. Granted, the vast majority are about the Worldview Class or NCFCA, but some of them, well, see for yourself. The following quotes are real phrases that people have used in a search engine (like Google, Bing or Yahoo) and found this blog.

This is what happens when I reply to spammers: “david knopp kenya marriage”

Um, yes, please: “cash gifting dave knop”

Reading it with 3D glasses? “what is perspectivalism in calvin and hobbes”

Otherwise known as the song that never ends: “my search for the perfect woman”

Yeah, she took one look and went Maggie Carpenter on me: “david knopp loses wife”

Technically 1993, but more like 1998: “when was the internet open to the public”

We’re still trying to figure it out ourselves: “how to say knopp”

What can I say? Some people just don’t like Riverdance: “why don’t older siblings imitate younger siblings”

Are you my professor? “knopp your point is noted”

Somebody doesn’t know us very well: “knopps brothers power sports”

Whoa, easy now: “photos of david knopp”

But I still call it a ‘calendar’: “undeveloped limit setting abilities”

I seriously doubt this would ever work out, but miracles happen: “botkin sister knopp”

One of these things is not like the others…‘: “rick warren john piper david knopp”