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If Homeschoolers Wrote Music

With all the encouragement to be “cultural engagers”, I began to contemplate what it would look like for conservative, homeschoool alumni to write music in certain genres. I think the titles may look something like:

Pop: Court me

Death Metal: Music Use to Be Holy

Indie Folk: Treasures of the Snow

CCM: Quiver Full of Reward

1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll: I’m a TeenPact Staffer

Classic Rock: Exegete This

90s Pop: I’m Runnin’ (my father’s home-business)

Blues: My “Sisters’ Friend” Left Me for a Vision Forum Intern

Techno: Love Comes Softly (feat. DJ EX35.25)

80s Hip-Hop: I’ve Just Been Socalized

Did I miss any?