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We ♥ Congress

Every now and then I like to mozy over to RealClearPolitics and see what the prevailing winds are saying about the good men and women of our Congress.

Verdict: Same as always.

According to their RCP average, 77% of our fellow citizens disapprove of the work coming out of capital hill. But, let’s be fair, the highest approval rating given to our lawmakers in recent history was 43%. Of course, that was back in 2006.

However, in a show of legislative courage, Congress followed the auspicious and dedicated direction of the Democratic majority leaders and passed the oft-discussed health care reform package.

This 1 Trillion dollars purchase received a RCP average approval rating of 39.4% from the pubic and a 50% approval rating from the congressional members.

Come on, America. Try to keep up.

But I’m with former president Bush. You can’t govern based on opinion pulls. The Republicans seem to be embracing this idea by pushing for a repeal of the health care bill –which is favored by 55% of the public.

The president, who may be trying to prove that he is at least as tough as his running mate, is telling GOP leadership to take their best shot. Encouraging advice to the American public who think they’re “dangerously divided” by the issue.

Speaking of our president, he has drifted back across the halfway marker, earning “likes” from 50% of his constituents in the last Gallop poll.

Really, whatever you think of the president, aren’t you glad you’re not the guy who has to put up with this?

Best wishes to them all! And God bless America.