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The Case of the Missing Blogger

I haven’t died. Not yet, anyway.

It has been an enlightening couple of months. Sometimes it feel like I’m gaining so many new and exciting insights, I need a year or two just to properly process them. But this train doesn’t stop for anybody, so it’s full speed ahead and may He keep us.

With 33 days left in the school year, I have officially shifted into panic mode. I have a huge pile of work that needs to get done, so this blog is off the burner until Christmas break.

But I am in the middle of some really exciting projects. Greek is Greek, both worldview classes are doing well and the Apol research is taking off. All in all, things are shaping up very nicely for next semester. I’ll give you a fuller report once all my finals are submitted.

Thank you all so much and I see you in a few weeks!