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Piper! Warren! Wilson! Oh my!

John Piper invited Rick Warren to speak at the DG pastors’ conference.

It appears that some of God’s people said, “What?!”

Okay, quiet a number of God’s people.

So Pastor John reponsded:

This little exchange brought the question to our friend and brother Doug Wilson

I agree with Wilson that we should “wait and see”. Sadly, it seems our default response to disagreement is disassociation. Meaning, when someone says something with which we disagree, our immediate response it to reject that brother and sister.

One of the benefits to growing up in a large family (I have 6 siblings), is you learn how foolish that knee-jerk reaction is. I disagree with my siblings on a number of issues. More often, my siblings disagree with me. We’re still family. I still love them. We still have fellowship with each other.

To this, many will say, “Well, duh!”

Yet for some strange reason, this obvious, family-life reaction doesn’t extend to the family life of the church.

For many of us, I think there is presupposition (on both sides) that underlies every discussion of this sort:

Orthodoxy = Exclusion
Liberalism = Inclusion

This is an interesting party line –especially for those of us who subscribe to reformed theology, which essentially teaches that we, as Christians, have been exclusively included into the Kingdom of God.

More and more I am convinced that every Christian needs to have a Biblical theology of fellowship –both inside and outside the church.