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New Features!

I appreciate how many of you faithfully visit my humble corner of the internet. I want to make this site and its content as accessible as possible –without costing you a lot of time. To this end, over the last few days I’ve implemented several “subscription” services to the site that should be helpful to everyone. All of these additions are available in the gray box on the right.

1. RSS
For those of you who haven’t opted to “follow” this blog using Bloggers reader, the RSS feed will do the same thing. Just make sure you have a RSS reader picked ahead of time.

2. E-mail
This new feature works like a charm! If you don’t want to deal with visiting yet another content site, you can just have all the new posts e-mailed to you! Just put in your e-mail address and you’re good to go.

3. Twitter
I’m going to take flack for this, but for those of you who enjoy thumbing through your social life, this twitter account will broadcast all the latest updates. You can follow the Twitter feed by clicking the link or just add “davidknoppblog” to your Twitter following.

I hope these additions are helpful for you all. If you have any further suggestions, let me know.