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KJV-Only: My Motivation

KJV-Only: My Motivation

I’ve been posting some material related to KJV-only belief (see the posts here). The plan is address specific, factual errors continuously put forward by KJV-Only advocates. Others, of course, have done this –people with greater scholarship, credential and experience (some of which is published). So this raises the question: Why spend my time on it?

Both my KJVO brothers and sisters and I have the same goal: we want people to trust that the Bible they’re reading is the Word of God. But we have a decision to make, are we going to try to grow that trust through assertions and axioms or through history and facts.

The Problem

Based on what I know from study and what I have heard/seen by most KJV-Only advocates, they seem to have their truth claims consistently encumbered by truth. This can be seen by YouTube contributors (with an apparently limitless capacity for posting KJVO teachings hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, etc) who continuously repeat false claims like:

  • The Textus Receptus is based on 5,000 manuscripts
  • Biblical manuscripts were copied so carefully they all match completely
  • The Alexandrian text is 3 manuscripts from Alexandria
  • That nothing good can come from Alexandria
  • New Bibles try to delete the deity of Jesus right out of scripture

And so on. Again, none of these are true. They’re just not. And they’ve been shown to not be true over and over and over again. So that’s a problem.

The Stakes

What is at stake here is truth and consistency. We cannot in good conscience teach against the falsehoods repeated by non-Christians without also speaking out against falsehood by my brothers and sisters. And I think we would agree with that.

But more importantly, my motive is for you, dear reader. I know a lot of you personally and I know that many of you have heard these false teachings and I know that some of you think they’re true. My hope is to simply show the facts and to show them so you can see them for yourself.