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Ironman Curriculum and a Prediction

Monument Publishing has announced that they had created an Ironman Curriculum Package for those self-loathing, sadistic maniacs who wanted to try and take on 5 or more NCFCA events at tournament.

You can check it out here.

Basically what they’ve done is combined all 6 of their event packages into one big book and are selling it for the price of one of those books. I think that’s amazing and incredibly generous.

So while my hat is off to Chris Jeub et al, I want to make a prediction: Ironman competitors will not be the major purchasers of this package. Instead, it’s going to be novice club leaders who are trying to get started. Think about it: you want to start a club. You want to encourage all your students to participate in as many events as they can. How do you best help them? Buy the curriculum. What’s the most economical way to do that? Buy the Ironman curriculum.

Just a thought.