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I'm back!

After squaring off with the Philistine Giant of Finals, I have sufficiently conquered my academic obligations for the year 2009.


The general consensus is that this year went by faster than a platter of cookies, but often it’s the intensity, not the brevity, of an experience that determines how long it feels. Nevertheless, it’s over. Mixed emotions are waging a custody battle for my final verdict on how life has been since I signed off this blog in September. The jury is still out.

I had a rough Greek year. After bombing my oral exam the professor and I sat in his office as he recorded my final grade. “That’s not good.” I observed, hoping pointing to the elephant would make him go away. My professor leaned back in his chair and said, “Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’re my enigma student.”
“Story of my academic life.”

So the year ended almost the same way it began. On the other hand, I am more passionate about learning Greek than I have ever been before. I simply cannot live without it. Next year, my friends, next year.

Anyway, rather than write a monotonous, Let-me-tell-you-everything-that-happened-because-I’m-dumb-enough-to-think-you-care post, I’ll just list off some highlights.

-I played a second run with a professional pit orchestra. Two shows a weekend for 7 weeks. I was glad for the money, stretched by the experience and hoping they’ll call back. Unfortunately, a “pit violist” is the definition of “expendable crewman”.

-I lead worship for church for the first time. That was an experience. Then I lead worship for a second time –A completely different experience.

-I cooked a formal dinner for my family and some friends from school. I only caught the dish towel on fire one time.

-I learned that I can always push my students further than I think I can. I really pushed the boundaries this semester and they all rose to the occasion.

-I soloed with a band for a benefit concert –my favorite performance experience of the year.

-I learned that if I leave my blog reading for a semester, I come back to almost 2,500 unread posts.

-I discovered that I don’t have ADHD. No, I’m not sure.

-I rediscovered the Riverdance Soundtrack. I’m really glad that I have a lot of empty floor space in my room.

-I learned that almost everyone wants you to be a critical thinker, unless you’re thinking critically about their views (that’s something that could have been mentioned in the brochure).

-After much pondering, I concluded that I’m really glad I don’t have a Facebook account. Sorry Benj.

-Wexford Carol may have bumped “O Holy Night” from it’s number one spot in my heart.

-I met another guy named David Knopp. No relation that we know of.

-I spent many hours with blessed individuals whose inner sense of drive and excellence is off the charts. That influenced me. Quite a lot, actually. May Heaven have mercy on my students.

-I found out that I’m going to be an uncle.

-A finally got a haircut after a 6 month sabbatical. It got a little out of control towards the end. Everyone is glad I got it cut. Except Michelle.

-I learned that bridging the gap between scholarship and layman-ship is going to be an incredibly difficult (if not painful) process –far more than I ever imagined. I guess that explains why it hasn’t been done before.

-I fell in love with Celtic Women. Again.

-I watched a group a musicians play a Bach suite like they cared about it. I will never be the same. My compliments to the Oregon Symphony.

-I found a “major project” that I really want to start. I probably couldn’t start for at least another 5 years, and it’ll probably be done by somebody else in that amount of time. Still, it’s fun to dream.

To list only a few. This semester was a strong season of growth for me personally, spiritually, socially and academically. I feel like I need the break just to process it all.

We have a three week break before we’re back for spring semester. Next semester I’ll be taking Text and Canon, Hermeneutics, Intro to Philosophy, New Testament Literature (Acts through Philemon), and of course Greek. But, if it’s all the same to you guys, I’d rather not talk about it just now.

Instead, I have a post for Monday on Beauty with a follow-up quote from our friend Jane Austin on Tuesday. Please comment, I’d love to have your feedback and hear what you think.

Merry Christmas!