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David Knopp Turns 2!

And we’re back!

Thanks for sticking around while I enjoyed some time off. I thought we should get things rolling again with a look at some blog stats.

In typical Knopp fashion, I completly forget to celebrate this blog’s birthday on May 22! Sad day, but not uncommon for my humble corner of the internet. So in honor of this unmomentous occasion, here are some stats about what happened in the from May 2010-May 2011.

In its second 365 days, this blog has had…

…128 Posts
…1,957 visitors.
…5,109 visits.

Number of Countries Represented: 56
Number of States Represented: 51 (including Washington DC)

Top 5 States:
5. Utah
4. Virginia
3. California
2. Washington
1. Oregon

Top 5 Posts (blog)
5. David Livingston Quote
4. Apologetics Posts
3. Osama bin Laden and Proverbs
2. Don’t Party in the Streets
1. On Beauty

Top 5 Lables
5. Blogging
4. Worldview Class
3. Real Life
1. Just for Fun

Top 3 Private Referrals (Active)
3. Story of a Seemstress
2. Whatnot and Whatnot
1. Ted Bradley

Top 3 Public Referrals
3. Blogger.com
2. Twitter.com
1. Facebook.com

Just about 2 of every 3 visitors are coming back. In fact, half of those coming back, have been here at least 10 times before. You guys are amazing.

Thank you for your all your comments, links, referrals, encouragement, and continued support. You all are the best!