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Bob Hope's "Good Vibe"

We have been periodically exploring the NCFCA’s Apologetics event. Earlier my friend Nathan and I tracked down the George Bernard Shaw quote and more recently, I theorized that the Category 1 definitions might have been copied from A.W. Tozer.

Well, Nathan is at it again, this time unearthing the source behind Category 4, Statement analysis 5:

Analyze and respond to the following statement, “I know that all of the good vibes he sent out will return to carry him off to a better place.” Comment made after to [sic] death of Bob Hope.

I am very excited about the research Nathan did. You can see the article here: The mysterious “good vibes” quote.

Not only does he post (and link) the official transcription of the quote, but he also compares 20 news stories that featured the quote (or a version of the quote). He compares the NCFCA version to the transcript with an explanation how language morphs in transition. Finally, he includes with an interview that might educate our understanding of the quote.

So here’s some major props to my friend. This was some hardcore research that most students wouldn’t even know how to do, let alone have the tools to do it. His post is a wealth of information on the background of this SA topic. Every serious student should take some time to explore it.