About David

My name is David and I’ve held various leadership and teaching positions for youth programs and events. In addition to serving on the preaching team at my local church (amid other projects), I taught Summit MinistriesUnderstanding the Times curriculum for five years and then served as the classroom director for Summit’s two-week intensive worldview and apologetics training program.

After that, I moved to the gorgeous Colorado Springs area where I joined the Summit team as the project manager for the Understanding the Times curriculum revision, as we expanded our textbook into a trilogy of textbooks covering apologetics, worldview, and cultural engagement. I also served as the Bible instructor for the Colorado student conferences and took on the role of Director of Events, helping to bring top-notch training to local communities across the country.

After I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, I left Summit to focus full-time on a Master of Arts in Old Testament, but flunked out of that program. So now I'm taking a deep dive into creative projects (some of which you'll read about here) while I live with The Presbyterians and make things go.

Here you will find my oft random reflections on life, theology, my studies, current events, and anything and everything else that comes to mind. It should go without saying, but just in case: this is a blog. And that makes me a blogger, though not a good one. The views expressed here are fragmentary by definition and don’t necessarily reflect the views of anyone who employs/employed me nor any of the organization I work with. Actually, come to think of it, sometimes the views expressed here don’t even reflect my own after a while.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me directly at david [a] davidknoppblog.com

Oh, and Laura took the picture. She does that. And she’s obviously good at it.